Why choose SCR Solutions, LLC?

SCR Solutions specializes in solving NOx emissions issues.  With our service and technology SCR Solutions can reduce NOx > 95%!  We have a network of commercial and support teams ready to solve your emission issues!

  • SCR Technology
  • AIG designs and tuning
  • Inspections
  • Sustainability improvements
  • CFD modeling
  • Catalyst testing
  • Reliable onsite services

What is SCR?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the process of removing NOx (NO and NO2) out of the flue gas stream by injecting ammonia (NH3) into the flue gas as a reagent.

Improving SCR Performance

Our  design and testing services for SCR technology ensures to reduce NOx from engine exhaust.  Our technologies reduce NOx >95%. 

AIG Designs and Tuning

An AIG (Ammonia Injection Grid) is used to distribute ammonia/air mixture into exhaust flue, upstream of SCR catalyst.  The AIG should be designed with ability to tune as much as possible Systems designed with no tuning capability have very limited flexibility.

Testing and Tuning 

SCR Solutions uses unique test methods for minimizing plant costs saving outage time, materials, both inside and outside scaffolding.


SCR Solutions conducts detailed inspections of SCR systems to identify areas that may contribute to poor SCR performance (high stack NOx and ammonia slip).  SCR Solutions can provide turnkey repairs to bring the systems back into compliance.

Fluid Flow and CFD Modeling

Poor flow distribution can have huge effect on system performance. CFD modeling is an effective economical means to identify AND fix flow problems. Poor flow, ammonia and temperature distribution can affect: 

  • CO catalyst performance 
  • SCR performance 
  • NOx reduction 
  • Ammonia Slip

SCR Solutions has in-depth experience in CFD modeling and applying it to real-world problems for significant performance improvements! 


SCR Solutions takes you beyond just compliance to reduce NOx.  Our services and technologies NOx is removed by >95%!  NOx is harmful since it contributes to the formation of smog.  Exhaust and industrial emissions, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents as well as natural sources emit NOx and VOC that help form the ground-level ozone which is the primary constituent of smog. Sunlight and hot weather cause ground-level ozone to form in harmful concentrations in the air.

Ensuring the Most Efficient Solution

Most SCRs require tuning to properly perform. Part of tuning involves ensuring a proper distribution of ammonia in the gas stream and uniform gas velocity through the catalyst. Without tuning, SCRs can exhibit inefficient NOx reduction along with excessive ammonia slip due to not utilizing the catalyst surface area effectively. Another facet of tuning involves determining the proper ammonia flow for all process conditions.  SCR Solutions, LLC is here to make your SCR operate optimally!