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    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) - Removing NOx from the Flue Gas Stream
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    Poor NH3/NOx distribution can significantly impact NH3 slip
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What We Do

We do Emission Solutions,
for a more efficient reduction of NOx.

Power plants need efficient flue gas cleaning methods to reduce NOx and maintain NH3

(ammonia) slip. Our SCR (selective catalytic reduction) services use years of hands-on experience to solve problems with poor flow, ammonia or temperature distributions in high reduction applications. With high dust concentrations, high temperatures, and high gas velocities, control and efficient operation of the SCR system needs to be monitored and optimized.

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SCR Testing & Optimization

Poor flow distribution can have huge effect on system performance 

AIG Design and Tuning

AIGs should be designed with ability to tune as much as possible.  Systems designed with no tuning capability have very limited flexibility.  We help 

Bill Gretta operates SCR Solutions LLC, which specializes in troubleshooting existing  SCR systems.  Bill is responsible for the engineering activities in the SCR product line  including catalyst, SCR system design, ammonia storage, handling and injection systems,  and gas flow modeling.  He has an extensive background in the air pollution control  industry and in SCR systems on combined cycle and simple cycle system. Bill received  his BSME from Penn State University and his MSME from Lehigh University.

Bill Gretta

SCR Solutions, LLC

Email: bill@scr-nox.com

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SCR & CO Catalyst Testing

CO and SCR catalyst testing can determine if the catalyst is the cause of the problems, or it’s a system issue.

AIG Design and Tuning

Proper AIG Design and Tuning can greatly improve performance

SCR technology for reducing NOx emissions

SCR technology can achieve 98% NOx reduction in combustion processes and can meet stricter incoming legislation. It is the optimum NOx control system used by environment-friendly power plants and industrial applications that have to meet stringent environmental controls. 

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We’ve helped companies reduce NOx emissions.

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If you have questions about SCR testing, AIG design & tuning, CFD modeling or inspections please contact SCR Solutions, LLC

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